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Winter 2020

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Deadlines and Reminders

In-person Mentoring Events 

Other events 

Skype Seminar Series

Start Mentoring- Four Opportunities Happening Now! 

2. Lebanon ELO After School Program

Help Lebanon HS students perform experiments in biology, chemistry, and geology to present at the 2020 New Hampshire State Science and Engineering Expo in March!

In partnership with NHAS. 


Who: We are looking for six mentors to participate at least every other week through February or March. Expertise in biology, chemistry, or geology specifically is not  required to be a helpful mentor!

When/Where: Wednesdays 3-5 pm at Lebanon HS starting Nov 6th. 

How it works: 

  • Our mentors carpool to Lebanon every week- when you sign up we'll add you to our email list to coordinate rides with us. 

  • First time mentors will complete working with minors training on site (approx. five minutes). 

  • Have fun! We find the best way to mentor is to walk around, talk to students, hear about their projects, and then jump in where and when you can! Don't worry- at least one seasoned mentor will always attend to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Questions/Concerns? Contact Rebecca Valls at

3. Science Pen Pals

Act as a science mentor and pen pal for elementary students at Albert Bridge in Brownsville, VT. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 6.19.59 PM.png

Who: All mentors are encouraged to participate, but this program is geared towards UG mentors with busy schedules that make in-person mentoring difficult.

How it works: 

  • Once you add your name and information to the signup list, we will match you with one of our mentees and email you your mentee's name. 

  • We'll ask you to write the first letter introducing yourself, what you do in science, and other activities you enjoy. 

  • We will have a drop off spot for completed letters picked out soon. We will cover the cost of postage and envelopes. 

  • Have fun! Check your Hinman Box for a reply and keep the dialogue going. 

Questions/Concerns? Contact Hannah Margolis at

4. Mascoma Science Projects

Provide regular guidance to Mascoma HS students as they design, perform, and present research projects! 

Who: We are looking for approx. 10 mentors to work in pairs with mentee groups. 

When/Where: Every other Friday through June at Mascoma High School. We are still arranging specific times. 

How it works: 

  • Please add your information to our signup sheet so we can let you know when times are arranged. 

  • Fill out this form and email it to Avery Tishue at as soon as possible so we can prepare your ID badge

Employee Supervisor: Laura Mackenzie 

School: Mascoma Valley Regional High School 

Dates: you can just put TBD 

Activity: STEM Mentoring

References: any former employee, professor, etc. Feel free to include, William Leavitt, our faculty advisor. 

  • Check your email! We will be in touch when it's time to head up to Mascoma for background checks and an initial mentoring session. 


Check out the Winter 2020 Newsletter here!

1. Mascoma Skype Seminars

Join in the conversation between Mascoma mentees and Dartmouth researchers as we explore different exciting topics in STEM! 


Who: All mentors are encouraged to attend as frequently or infrequently as desired!

When/Where: Location and time varies. See this link for a the scheduled list. 

How it works: ​

  • A day before the Skype call, the presenting researcher has already shared a media clip with mentees to provide a launching point for discussion.

  • You and other interested mentors will meet with the Dartmouth professor or researcher leading the discussion to Skype into the Mascoma classroom. 

  • During the discussion, feel free to ask your own questions or ask mentees questions directly. 

All you need to do to participate is show up and be engaged! Enjoy the conversation!

Questions/Concerns? Contact Keighley Rockcliffe at

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