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It’s been a long path- but we are thrilled to announce we have formed our first public school partnership with Mascoma High School in Canaan, NH. This past term, we held six Skype sessions with Mascoma in which Dartmouth faculty and mentors engaged mentees in conversations on topics of mentee choice, ranging from the possibility of life on Mars to fossilization and human evolution.

These discussions were outstandingly successful; Dr. Mackenzie informed us that her students continued talking about the topics well after the Skype calls ended and that they have since been more engaged with asking questions during regular lessons. This group of students is highly underserved, and some hadn’t taken a STEM class until seventh grade. The results speak volumes to the power of our mentoring work and the innate curiosity people have for STEM. We cannot thank enough our incredible mentors and professors who took the time to share their passion for science:

  • Professor Marisa Palucis- life on Mars and planetary exploration

  • Professor William Leavitt- Yellowstone environments and extremophiles

  • Professor Jeremy DeSilva- fossilization and human evolution

  • Professor  Raina White- engineering vehicles and physics of car racing

  • Debora Goedert- deep sea vents

  • Dr. Kelly Salmon- microplastics and plastic pollution


While we weren’t able to meet in person with mentees this term, we will be meeting with the Mascoma volunteer board over the summer to get set up for hands-on visits in the fall!

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Click here to view the Spring 2019 newsletter!

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