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Winter Mascoma Zoom-ins!

This winter term we held a few Zoom-in seminars with Mascoma High School! The students have been learning about earth and physical sciences, so we asked some professors from Dartmouth's Earth Science Department to Zoom into their classroom and talk about a related topic.

On January 10th, Dr. Erich Osterberg discussed his research with ice cores and climate change. Dr. William Leavitt talked about deep-sea brines on February 27th. The students asked Dr. Leavitt many questions about how he became interested in his research on microbes and on the traveling he gets to do for work. Did you know that there are microbes that need battery acid in order to live!? Dr. Marisa Palucis (pictured) concluded our Zoom-ins this term with a discussion on the geology of Mars. There were questions ranging from the height and creation of Mount Olympus Mons (the largest shield volcano in our Solar System!) to life on other planets/moons to how to safely land rovers on Mars.

We will continue our partnership with Mascoma next term. If you have any suggestions on discussion leaders/topics, let us know!

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