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NHAS Summer 2019 Symposium

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

On Wednesday 8/7, our NHAS students presented their research at a symposium at Hypertherm in Lebanon.

NHAS Summer 2019 Students at Hypertherm

Each student research group gave a ~15 minute talk presenting their work to the audience of DMM mentors, family members, an a panel of scientists. The panel, like the the rest of us, were rightfully impressed with the students: their research, as well as their presenting skills and response to questions, were excellent!

Joey presents his research into 3D Printed Interferometers

Matthew and Celine present their work on Machine Learning for Counting & Categorizing C. Elegans

Hypertherm was also gracious enough to allow the students to explore their facilities. We greatly look forward to continuing this awesome partnership with NHAS.

Students explored and toured the Hypertherm facility which is home to a lot of fascinating science

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