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Mascoma Skype Sessions are Back!

We had a great time Friday discussing anything and everything related to glaciers, climate change, and oceanography with Dartmouth Professor Erich Osterberg over Skype.

Mentees at Mascoma seemed really engaged and ready to ask questions.

This event is part of our Skype Seminar Series with Mascoma High School in Canaan, NH. We've found that something as simple as bringing Dartmouth researchers and mentors together to have Skype discussions with mentees on topics of their choice encourages them to be more engaged in the classroom and more interested in science in general.

This is an ongoing event- mentors can check out our events calendar to see upcoming Skype topics here. We hope you will decide to attend some of these talks! Just having mentors present, engaged, and asking questions encourages our mentees to continue the discussion.

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