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For Dartmouth Faculty and Staff

Through partnerships with Dartmouth faculty and staff, we are able to spread the scientific expertise and passion found on Dartmouth's campus to mentees in surrounding areas. We hope you'll join us!

We have two main ways for Dartmouth faculty to assist our group's mission:

Incorporate us in your grant's broader impact section.

The idea:

Many grants require professors to demonstrate broader impacts- the way in which your work is making a difference in society. The work our group does to make STEM opportunities more accessible for historically underrepresented students through mentoring and improved resources provides a very powerful example of a broader impact.


In exchange for listing the work of Dartmouth ManyMentors on the broader impact section of grants, we ask that you require all graduate students in your lab to mentor with us at least once a term. In addition, we ask that you are willing to speak and engage with mentees at some of our events and include information about our program on your website and Dartmouth profile.


How it works:

A number of Dartmouth professors who have incorporated us into grants in this way have helped us develop a contract and appropriate description to be incorporated into grants.

All professors interested in incorporating us into grants should contact us to discuss details.

Directly engage with mentees. 

Many of our mentees are interested in hearing from professional scientists about their work, career path, and interests.

If you would like to speak with mentees in person, via video chat, or at a STEM event such as Science Day, please add your name and information to this form. We'll be in touch as opportunities to interact arise! 


Get involved!

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