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We are always looking to partner with classrooms, schools, or other groups that would like STEM mentorship. 

Our Mentoring Philosophy

Our team at Dartmouth takes great truth with the ManyMentors philosophy, "if they never know, they'll never go." Therefore, our first goal is always to expose students to the many different interpretations of what it means to be a scientist, both through hands-on experiments and discussions with near-aged mentors and other STEM professionals. 

We believe that regular engagement and discussions around STEM are key to elicit curiosity and provide directed mentoring towards entering the field. 

Types of Mentoring
Mentoring Options


  • ManyMentors uses an online platform and mobile app to connect mentors and mentees on a term-by-term basis.

  • We provide each mentor-mentee pair with weekly #MentorMondays prompts to help spark conversations about STEM experiences, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Mentees interested in this type of mentoring must create a profile at and indicate interest in the Dartmouth chapter. 


  • We understand that in many situations, students do not have adequate access to computers inside or outside of the classroom, or may simply benefit more from face-to-face mentoring.  

  • To best reach these students, we supplement online mentoring with in-person visits to partner schools. Visits may involve interactive seminar series, hands-on experiments, or simply regular visits to talk about STEM opportunities and classwork. 


  • We regularly participate in events oriented towards STEM outreach within the Dartmouth and Upper Valley community, including Science Day and the Science Olympiad. 

  • During summer months, we often partner with science day camps or other k-12 STEM immersion experiences. 

  • We are also happy to coordinate with partner classrooms to make summer science programs at the NHAS more affordable and available. 

Who We Mentor

We are committed to mentoring any k-12 student interested in learning more about STEM. While we usually partner with entire classrooms in rural Vermont and New Hampshire, we are open to sharing our curiosity and passion with anyone and everyone wanting guidance. 

Who we Mentor


Tell Us About Yourself!
*note to minors- please only contact us with a parent or guardian's permission. 

Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch soon. 

We encourage mentees who are interested in online-mentoring to also begin a profile at

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