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We are constantly looking for dedicated individuals with a passion for STEM and education to join our mentoring team. All Dartmouth students, including undergraduates, graduate students, medical or engineering students, and alumni, are welcome. 

Get involved! 

We have two main ways for Dartmouth students to assist our group:

Participate in a mentoring event

The best way to get involved is by joining our team of mentors! Be sure to check out our events and news page for current opportunities and instructions to sign up to mentor below. 

Lead a project

Want to do something more? Find out more about organizing a mentoring event or new partnership for our group. 


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

STEP 1: Create an Account

  • An account creates your own mentoring profile and provides access to our internal pages and messaging system.  

  • This allows easy contact between our officer team and members about mentor mixers, meetings, and outreach events. 

Don't worry- we only send a few emails per term. 

Click the"Mentor Signup and Login" button (pictured below) at the top of the page to create an account!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 5.58.20 PM.png

We approve new members within 24 hours. Please use your Dartmouth email if possible. 

STEP 2: Update your internal profile

You'll get a notification from Dartmouth ManyMentors in your inbox once we approve you.

Be sure to check the internal page often for new mentoring opportunities and other fun events! 

STEP 3: Attend Working with Minors Training

  • All mentors who want to join us for in-person events must attend a ten minute training session and fill out an online contract on rules for working with minors. 

  • Training is available at our termly Mentor Mixers and at the start of most outreach events- feel free to sign up for events and receive training on site!

What Mentors Do

The primary task of mentors is to provide encouragement and guidance to mentees as they explore and consider opportunities in STEM.

To best match the  term-by-term availability and current location of both mentors and mentees, we use a combination of online mentoring and in-person events to provide support in whatever way is most beneficial. 

Info on Mentoring


  • ManyMentors uses an online platform and mobile app to connect mentors and mentees on a term-by-term basis.

  • We provide each mentor-mentee pair with weekly #MentorMondays prompts to help spark conversations about STEM experiences, challenges, and opportunities.

  • See our Mentor Quick Start Guide and Checklist to create your free account at as an affiliate of Dartmouth ManyMentors!


  • Our partnerships with schools in rural Vermont and New Hampshire reach some of the most underserved students in the country. Often, regular computer access at home or at school is completely impractical. 

  • To best reach these students, we supplement online mentoring with in-person visits to partner schools. Visits may involve interactive seminar series, hands-on experiments, or simply regular visits to talk about STEM opportunities and classwork. 

  • See our signup instructions below to register as a mentor and don't forget to check out some of current in-person events!


  • We regularly participate in events oriented towards STEM outreach within the Dartmouth and Upper Valley community, including Science Day and the Science Olympiad. 

  • During summer months, we often partner with science day camps or other k-12 STEM immersion experiences. Our mentors are encouraged to participate in these hands-on experiences and offer guidance as mentees design, conduct, and present short projects.

Mentors: check out our internal news page for current mentoring opportunities! ​

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